This page is designed to make the life of NSA staff and students easier. If you experience problems this is clearly not the case. Have a look at the FAQ below, hopefully this will answer your questions.


The system will not accept my token!

There are three possible errors when entering a token:

Error message Possible solution
This token is invalid. The token you have entered is corrupted. Valid tokens always start with dalloc, are 42 characters in length, and look something like this: dallocb712ed9c-045d-4b19-b427-286389c01c07. Check that you have entered the token correctly.
This token has already been redeemed. You have already redeemed this token. Have a look at My allocations if you can find allocations for the course there.
This token has expired. The token has expired and is no longer valid. If you still want access to the resources, ask the person who gave you the token for new ones.

Still no success? You can take contact with the person who gave you the token, he or she should be able to resolve the problem. If you have received the token via an automated e-mail, it is as simple as replying to it.

I have an awesome idea! / I want $feature! / Using $thing would be much cooler!
Well, you can always submit feature requests. The question is if somebody has time to implement it. You you can take a shot at this yourself and submit a merge request (if you have access to the code).
If you have more advanced needs, you can contact the maintainers directly.